Welcome to Perth Machine Learning Group

Machine learning (ML) is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence. ML itself is a very broad field and includes subjects like deep-learning and reinforcement learning and can be considered the current practical side of AI.

We cover pretty much the whole field of ML but we have a strong focus on deep learning and generative techniques.

Perth Machine Learning Group is dominantly a coding group, oriented towards helping people understand, code and implement practical machine learning solutions. Members are diverse coming from across industry, academia, government and the startup community. We provide around two hours of practical talks and learning support every week, covering topics from beginner to bleeding edge AI. We also provide support for sponsoring companies (like Western Power) to build organisation capability and increase the level of engagement in training.

Most meetings have a high level of community engagement. Learning is loosely wrapped around the FAST.AI online curriculum and MOOC which we support and recommend, but we further encourage our members to learn widely and then share their learning with the group through short presentations, as this significantly reinforces the learning experience.

If you would like to get involved and learn about the field please come to our meet-ups / events or just hang out in the forums.

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