Python programming



  • DatatCamp - Intro to Python for Data Science (web)


  • Learn to Code with Python (iOS)

Linear Algebra and Maths

  • FastAI Computational Linear Algebra

  • 3blue1brown

Deep learning courses


Deep Learning Part 1: Practical Deep Learning for Coders


Deep Learning Part 2: Cutting Edge Deep Learning for Coders

  • Coursera – Machine Learning

Machine Learning with Andrew Ng

  • Udacity – Intro to machine learning

Intro to Machine Learning

  • Stanford Stats 385 course

  • David Silvers Reinforcement Learning

and the 2015 version:

  • Stanford University CS231n, Spring 2017

  • Stanford University CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Specific Machine Learning Course

  • Jermemy Howards Machine Learning Course

to be announce 2018

Deep learning competitions

Deep learning code resources

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